About Us

The centre will focus on research activities consistent with the Centre’s mission and vision including improving maternal child outcomes, advocating for health service provision for families and newborns, and advancing health professional education.

Our Research Focus

The Centre’s research focuses on clinical and educational topics in the field of maternal child health and midwifery. Specifically, the Centre’s research areas of focus include:

  • Health Services & Access to Care
  • Health Outcomes
  • Midwifery Education
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Fig.1 Visual diagram demonstrating the hierarchical reporting lines for University Centres.  From the bottom up, we have Centre Members reporting to the Centre Director, as well as an Advisory Committee reporting to Director.  Centre Director reports to the Governing Board, and an External Review Board also reports to Governing Board.  Governing Board reports to Dean of Appropriate Faculty or VPR.  The appropriate Dean reports to the VP of Research at the very top level of the diagram.


Organizational Structure

The Centre is led by the Scientific Director, who together with the Managing Director oversee daily operations and ensure adherence to the aims and objectives and business plan as developed in collaboration with the Centre’s advisory committee. 

The reporting structure for the Centre is in keeping with the University guideline for governance as illustrated in the figure.

McMaster Midwifery Research Centre - 2019 Annual Report

Annual reports detail the aim and vision of the MMRC. This report includes outlines on our operational procedures and highlight our future plans and strategic vision. To read the 2019 annual report, click the link below. 

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